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PSA Missions Guide

Mission 1

  • Talk to Aunt artic.
  • Go to the ice rink.
  • You’ll find three photos. Give them to Aunt Artic.
  • Go to the pet shop.
  • Pick up this paper and read it: G has ……………… pairs of socks. (It changes all the time so don’t try to cheat by watching a youtube video!)
  • Go to the sports shop and talk to G.
  • Answer the number on the paper you found.
  • Pick up the life preserver shooter from the cupboard.
  • Go to the Iceberg.
  • Save the penguins.
  • Go to the mountain.
  • Fix the telescope with a tool from your spy phone.
  • Look at the telescope.
  • You will see a green puffle.
  • Go to the sports shop and pick up the hook.
  • Go to the tallest mountain.
  • Use the hook to climb.
  • You found the puffles!
  • Talk to Aunt Artic.
  • Get your rewards!

Mission 2

  • Go to the sport shop
  • Speak to G
  • Go to the mountain
  • Click on the signs
  • Use the PSA code to decode the green sign
  • Go back to the sport shop and tell G the secret word
  • Get the sled
  • Go to the mountain
  • Go to the test run
  • Crash
  • Pick up the rope and Survival guide, and go to the bush.
  • Collect 3 O-berries
  • Head to the stump
  • Give the black puffle an O-berry
  • Return to the O-Berry bush
  • Shake the tree 3 times and add the pot that will fall to youn inventory
  • Go back to the fallen log
  • Pput your mouse over the arrow on the Left and go to the Fallen Tree and Bush.
  • Take the ski from the tree
  • Put the rope on the sled and the O-berry on the fishing rod you just made
  • Go again at the O-berry bush
  • Click the arrow to go to the river
  • Collect the log
  • Go left and fill the pot with water
  • Catch a fish using your fishing rod
  • Find the cave and enter it
  • Go right and click on a rock so they will be all together
  • Put on them the log and the survival guide
  • Feed the puffle an O-berry
  • Put the pot on the fire and then drink the water
  • Put the fish on the fire and then eat it
  • Get your rewards!

Mission 3

  • Speak to Rookie and Ask Him to Close The Vault Door
  • Ask him to open it Again
  • Enter the Managers Office
  • Look Below the sofa
  • Pick Up the Boot Disk and the Paper Clip
  • Click on the Computer
  • Use the Boot Disk and Open the Computer
  • Open My Files/Combination Number
  • Its N7EO S5W8
  • Exit The Office
  • Click on the Vault Door And enter The Combination Number
  • Enter The Vault
  • Click on The Coins on the Roof
  • Meet G at the HQ
  • Watch The Vault Monitor
  • Click on The Draw with the Keys
  • Use the Code to Find The Correct Key
  • When you Find it Pick it up and go back to the gift Shop
  • Enter the Managers office and Use the Key To Unlock the Door To The Roof
  • Go to The Roof
  • Use Your Spy Phones Wrench to Open The Power Box
  • Use the Paper Clip To Make it Stop Working
  • Pick The White Fur that Lies Next to the Magnet
  • Go Downstairs
  • Enter The Vault and Click on the coins
  • Go Back to HQ And report to G
  • Give him The Fur
  • Shroll left and Pick up The Flashlight
  • Click on the Right Speaker and enter The Boiler Room
  • Solve the Pazzle so all Lights are Green
  • go Back Up At the Night Club
  • Talk To The Brown Penguin
  • Go Back to HQ And report To G Again
  • Get your rewards!

Mission 4

  • Speak to G and Accept the Mission
  • Ask Him to Open The Lab
  • Get In and Pick The Life Presever Shooter
  • Go to the Lighthouse and Pick The Rope From The Boat
  • go to The Ski Lodge and Pick a Fishing Rode
  • Go at the Sports Shop and Pick the Leather From The Doll
  • Use the Leather to Fix the Lift
  • Pick the White Fur
  • Go to the Mountain and Go Down the hill
  • Go Right Center center Left Right
  • Combine The Life Presever Shooter with The Rope and the Fishing Road and Use it to save the penguins
  • Give G The White Fur
  • Pick your Medal Gift and Letter

Mission 5

  • Talk to G and Click on the Machine Behind Him
  • Use the Comb To make the machine Work
  • Wait While The Machine is analyzing
  • Talk to G
  • Pick the White fur and give it To Analyze
  • Pick up the AC 3000
  • Go to The Pizza Parlor and Talk to The Penguin There
  • Ask to Take Samples of The 2 Sauce
  • Go to The Coffe Shop
  • Talk to The Penguin and Repear the Hot Chocolate Machine By Puting The Cup On The Hot Chocolate Place the Milk Button and turning the Heat Button
  • To Put the Milk Cable Use your Spyphones Wrench
  • Go to The Lighthouse and Go Upstairs
  • Use the AC 3000 To Bring The JetPack Fuel Closer
  • Use the Scisors to Cut the Rope and Get the Fuel
  • Go Back to G and Give him all the stuff you gathered
  • Put them on The Gogles
  • Take them and turn them On
  • Follow the Traces to the Ski Lodge
  • Go to Ice Fishing and then Go back to the Lodge
  • Pick up the candle
  • Go to The Lighthouse and Pick up Some Rope
  • then Pick up a Net From Outside
  • Go to Ice fishing and set The Trap
  • Combine the rope with the net
  • and put the candle inside it
  • Pick the Fur and the Crab and report Back to G
  • Put the White Fur For analyze

Mission 6

  • Talk to G
  • Chase the Grab
  • Search the Woods For A Bag With O Berries
  • Use the Schisors To Bring it Down
  • Pick it Up
  • in The Area You Found it Go to The Left Pathway
  • Feed the Black Puffle with O Berrie
  • Go Back to the Cave where you Lost the Crab
  • Drop a O Berry Inside so the Black puffle Will open The Door
  • Get In The Cave
  • Use the O Beries to Guide the Puffle and Get Out
  • First Use it to Open the Water
  • and Then to Rice the Obstacle
  • Pick the anchor
  • Pick Up the Blue Prints and The Red Sauce
  • Pick The Rope
  • Get Out
  • Combine the 1 OBerry With the Hot Sauce and give it to The Black Puffle
  • Use the Black puffle’s Flame to Melt The Snow Blocking the Door
  • Go to The Area where you First Started and Combine the Anchor With the Rope To Get Up
  • Go to The Ski Lodge
  • Enter Ice Fishing
  • Go to The Pizza Parlor and Buy a Seaweed Pizza
  • Go to The Ski Lodge
  • Enter Ice Fishing And Drop The Pizza next to Herbert
  • While He is Eating Use it Turn the Lever to Go Backwards
  • Give G the Magnet Blue Prints Back
  • Collect your Medal and Gift

Last 3 Missions coming soon! I might even make a video for the last 3!



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