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Medieval Party Reviewed By You!

Hey Guys! Billybob just posted a new Reviewed By You! Check it out:

Hello Penguins!

Last week we asked what you were most looking forward to at the Medieval Party and Matthewmdm3 said:

This year, I am looking forward to the knight’s quest the most! That was so fun last year. I remember participating in the quest, and at the end I got a surprise! I am also looking forward to the tree house and the dragon! I enjoy pretending to save the princess with my buddies! When we are done, we go to the “vault” filled with treasures and pretend to take some as a reward

It’s almost here and lots of you are telling us that you can’t wait for the new knight’s quest. In it, there are some challenging puzzles. This week, we’d like to hear what the most challenging puzzle you’ve ever had to solve in Club Penguin!

Write your Reviewed By You answer as a comment. We’ll post one (50 –  75 words please) in next week’s Reviewed By You. And if your comment is chosen as the feature comment on next week’s blog, we’ll add 10,000 coins to your penguin account. Don’t forget to use your penguin name so we can add coins!

Club Penguin wants you to comment what you think will happen in this party. You can do that by clicking here. Also dont forget to leave a comment here! Thats all,

Waddle On,



Squid Lid Party Item Coming Soon!

Hey Guys, Im here with an update on the You Decide: Party Item. Last week,  we voted on which new item we would want: Squid Lid, The Bucket, or Old Boot. The Squid Lid has won by a landslide! Here is how the Squid Lid will look on your penguin when you wear it:

Club Penguin said that this new party item will be out in June! I think that with this item we might have another Water Party! What do you think? Live a comment and tell us!

Waddle On,


Medieval Party Sneak Peek!

Hey Guys! Today Billybob posted a new Sneak Peek for the Medieval Party! Check it out here:

Hello Penguins!

Lots of you have been talking about the Medieval Party that’s coming this week! You told us that last year you really liked the member quest. So… the team’s been working on a new challenge and THIS year there’s going to be not just one, but TWO of them! Here’s a sneak peek of the new Knight’s Quest:

Starting Friday, look out for some dragons, princesses and squires around the island! What are you doing to get ready for the party?

In other news – thanks for all your comments on Wednesday’s You Decide Blog. The Squid Lid won by a landslide! Watch for that item some time in June.

Look’s awesome, Do you agree? Leave a comment and let us know what you’re look forward to seeing at the party this year!


New Igloo Music!

Hey Guys! Club Penguin added new Igloo Music! Check it out:

These are the new music titles:

  • Quest for the Golden Puffle
  • Puffle Rescue: In the cave
  • In the tower

What do you think of the new music? Let me know!

Waddle On,


Herberts Revenge Sneak Peek!

Hey Guys! Billybob just posted a new Sneak Peek for Herbert’s Revenge! Check it out here:

It’s Saturday, which means I’ve got another sneak peek of “Herbert’s Revenge” for all of you.

We’ve heard from lots of you who’ve been putting together the clues. Many have guessed the pictures are of a secret lair… And you’re right!

This lair actually has FOUR rooms in total – each one with a special purpose. Here are parts of the other two rooms…

For those of you who are figuring out the clues, pay close attention. You may be able to piece together some of what’s going to happen in “Herbert’s Revenge”… And maybe even some things coming to Club Penguin.

So what do you think? Any ideas or clues you want to share? Let us know in the comments, and check out next Saturday for another sneak peek of “Herbert’s Revenge”.

Billybob told us we may be able to piece together what’s going to happen on Herbert’s Revenge, and even some things coming on Club Penguin! What do you think of these pictures?

Well Thats all!

Waddle On,


Mediaval Party Under Construction!

Hey Guys!

Club Penguin, have added some tools for penguins to be working on the Medieval Party coming next Thursday. There are several rooms with tools and signs. Check out the rooms here:




There are other rooms as well that are under construction, they are filled with things ready for the Medieval Party! What do you think about the up-coming Medieval Party! Let me know by living a comment!


New Log-In Screen!

Hey Guys! Club Penguin added a new Medieval Party Log-In Screen! Check it out!

I really like it! What about you? Im sure that the Party is going to BLAST! Comment on your thoughts!

Waddle On,