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Club Penguin History

Club Penguin was not always named “Club penguin”, and was not always like club penguin.Club Penguin launched on October 24, 2005. Penguin Chat was complete different from Club Penguin (now).  The chat bar was smaller and they were not many emotions! If you visited the Night Club you will see the Penguin Band playing, it was pretty much the same as now. The Coffee Shop was the same but.. the Boiler Room was all black and small! Our first Halloween Party was on October 24, 2005.

Puffle History!

  • Blue Puffles are known to be mild-tempered and content. (Available to non-members)
  • Green Puffles are very energetic and playful, and “like to clown around”.
  • Purple Puffles are dancers, and are described as being “usually happy”, but are “finicky eaters”.
  • Red Puffles (from “Rockhopper Island”, the home of pirate penguin Rockhopper) are known to be adventurous and enthusiastic. (Available to non-members)
  • Pink Puffles are very active and cheery, and like to exercise.
  • Black Puffles are described as possessing a strong and silent disposition.
  • Yellow Puffles were added in November 2007.They are depicted as both artistic and spontaneous.
  • White Puffles were introduced in March 2009. They play with ice skates and can create a snowfall
  • Orange Puffles were introduced in February 2010. They have a goofy, playful attitude.

August 1, 2007 – Disney buys Club Penguin for a lot of money!

Sometime on 2008, Ninjas returned to Club Penguin. You can now be one by obtaining a black belt and defeat Sensei on the Card- Jitsu Game!



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