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Club Penguin Times Issue #238

Hey Guys!

Club Penguin released the Club Penguin Times Issue #238! Finally the Medieval Party will be coming out tomorrow. We have a big adventure on the way! I wonder what new items are coming in the new catalog as well! Lets go on!

Club Penguin discusses in Section A1 of the newspaper how there will be two quests for members! They also tell us how there will be dragons at the party!

Be sure to check out the pool during the party, Club Penguin lets us know that the Knight’s quests will be at the pool while the party is in town. Tree forts are coming with the party as well.

Now here are some upcoming events:

  • May 6th: New Pin.
  • May 7th: Medieval Party Kicks Off, New Penguin Style.
  • May 14th: New Postcards, New Better Igloos, and Igloo Upgrades Catalogs.
  • May 28th: New Igloo Music.

Thats all!  Waddle On,


(Hope to see you at the Medieval Party!)


Club Penguin Times issue #237!

Hey Penguins,

Thursday Means Always Something To All The Penguins Who Like To Relax In A Toilet With A Newspaper. :] Yup, New Newspaper’s Here! There’s Really Not Any Main Thing Except The Medieval Party So That’s Why I’ll Only Add Swf. Check It Under.

Important News:

  • Ye Penguin Style @ A2 – A3
  • Medieval Party @ A4 – A5
  • In Focus: Jet Pack Adventure @ B1 – B4
  • Events @ C5 – C6


  • Starting May 7th @ Penguin Style Ye Old – Ish
  • Starting May 14th @ New Penguin Mail
  • Starting May 14th @ Brand New Igloo Catalogs
  • Starting May 7th @ Find The New Pin

I Can’t Wait For Medieval Party! But This Newspaper Kinda Sucks I’d Say… Oh And Notice That Earth Day’s Still On! If You Didn’t Notice, On A5 Aunt Arctic Tells Us That Some Noise Is Coming Underground, Probably A Dragon. She Also Tells That Puzzles Will Be Different And Harder Than Last Year! So Prepare For Party Time! Speaking Of Which… Are You Coming To My 50,000 Hits Party?! Click Here For Information! We’re Gonna Have A Series 7 CC Giveaway After Party!

– Pingu Ninja2 –

Club Penguin Times Issue #236

Hey Guys! The Club Penguin Times Issue #236 has been released today! Check it out! As you know Earth Day is today so there is tons of new updates about the Earth Day Party! If you noticed in section A4 Club Penguin discusses Recycling with a brand new room! If you check out the Mine you will notice the new Recycling Plant! In my other posts I forgot to mention that once you collected all the items in the Hunt you are now able to enter the new room!

The upcoming updates are:

  • April 30th: New Igloo Music comes to all Igloos.
  • May 1st: Payday for all Agents and all Tour Guides.
  • May 6th: New Pin.
  • May 7th: New Penguin Style, and Medieval Party!

Thats all,

Waddle On,


Club Penguin Times Issue #235

Hey Guys! Club Penguin has released a new issue of the Club Penguin Times! Check it out here!

The first main thing Club Penguin is talking about is about Earth Day which is taking place April 22 at the Mine Shack! Some of the penguins that were interviewed for this article are saying that there will be a new path from the Forest leading to the Mine, so other penguins can access the Mine quicker! Cool huh?

Club Penguin is going to create a new room for the new Earth Day Party! In the article it also states that Gary is working on a new invention that should be ready by the start of the upcoming Earth Day Party!!

Upcoming Events:

  • April 16th – New Igloo Upgrades Catalog
  • April 16th – New Better Igloos Catalog
  • April 22nd-25th – Earth Day Party
  • April 30th – New Igloo Music

Thats all!

Waddle On,